Coffee Date: Finals, Funds, and Food

Grab yourself a cup of coffee (or something stronger, if you’d prefer) and join me for a chat! (Which is going to be arranged as a numbered list because my brain is feeling a little mushy this week and that format seems to be all it can handle right now. Bear with me.)

I also have some fun/interesting/relevant links in here if you’re looking for something to read or to procrastinate with!

  1. Finals week is almost upon me. This is part of the reason for the mushification of my brain. If you’re also a student, you can relate. (Imagine me giving you a fist-bump/pat on the back/no attention at all because you feel like crap and want to be left alone.) I’m actually less stressed about final exams and projects themselves than I have been in past years. The stress of everyone around me certainly is not helping, though.
  2. This is my second-to-last finals week. Here is where more of my stress is coming from–my impending graduation and the looming black-hole that is my future. Stress makes me melodramatic, in case you hadn’t noticed. I can barely bother to think about final exams and papers and projects because they seem like just a drop in the bucket compared to my uncertain future. Enough of that though. I didn’t come here to wine. So, moving on from finals…
  3. I started a spreadsheet to budget and manage my (meager) funds! If you’re like me (and my stepdad) then you LOVE a good spreadsheet. Throw in some color-coding, and I’m in organizational heaven. With the aforementioned impending graduation, I decided that it’s time to get my shit together. Also inspiring me is the fabulous blog The Financial Diet.
  4. Unfortunately, #3 means that I’m cutting back on my grocery-spending. For the rest of this semester, at least. Which is only two weeks, but I already feel hungry and cranky and like I’ve resorted to eating crap (not literally!) because it’s plentiful and affordable on a campus during finals time. Jumbo-sized muffins, pancakes for dinner, lots of pasta–basically just an ongoing carb-fest in these parts. The pancakes were made with sprouted grain mix, honey, and coconut oil, so probably foodie enough to count as healthy, right?
  5. And while my eating has slipped, I am ironically reading In Defense of FoodMichael Pollan’s 2008 book (subtitled as “an eater’s manifesto”) has been on my to-read list for a while. Because everyone knows that finals week is the ideal time to start reading a fascinating book that you don’t want to put down. (More irony–this time, verbal.)
  6. As mentioned before, stress levels are HIGH. For the people around me, it’s finals. For me, it’s finals (10%), graduation/employment/existential distress (70%), and some unidentified, intangible something that just has me feeling down and cranky (20%). But, as I mentioned before, I’m not here to be a downer, so I have some links that I’ve been using to help myself chillax that I hope might be helpful to some of you!
    1. This white-noise generator. Whether for drowning out the noise around me so I can work in the library or nap in my roommate-filled apartment or drowning out my out head-noise (a.k.a. thoughts) when it gets to be too much, this is my go to.
    2. This Spotify playlist. Same as above, but when I can handle (or want) a little more distraction in my ears. I titled it “Fall Driving” because that is what I originally used it for, but it has since become my go-to playlist for when I need some slightly melancholy or angry, self-indulgent music.
    3. All of these. For comic relief and a feeling “ugh, yeah, I feel ya.” Also a nice anecdote to all of those lists that say to get lots of sleep and eat healthily.
    4. Pinterest. I’ve added lots of stuff to my “Ambition in the Kitchen” and “Destinations” lists when I click over to my Pinterest tab during study breaks. (More like when I click back to the Pinterest tab after a brief Pinterest break, if I’m being honest.)
    5. Buzzfeed. Always Buzzfeed.
    6. Jessica Jones on Netflix. Which sometimes gets a little too dark and stressful itself. So, to counteract that…
    7. Parks and Recreation on Netflix and Catastrophe on Amazon.

What do you want to chat about over coffee (or wine–preferably wine)? Any stress-relief suggestions for me? And please don’t tell me to eat well, sleep 8 hours, and drink a lot of water. I know. And I might.

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