August Resolutions: Because Resolutions Aren’t Just for January First

Every year starting on December 27th or so, the interwebs are filled to gills by articles bemoaning how no one sticks to their New Year’s Resolutions or tips on how to be the person that does uphold their resolution past February.

I, like any good American, make a half-hearted resolution at the end of December. And then, like any good American, I usually forget what my resolution even was by January 5th. Unless of course I wrote it down, in which case I’m still not upholding it by January 5th, and I’m also beating myself up for that fact. This year, at the dawn of 2016, I made some goals about worrying less. I’ve done okay-ish on most of them, but I have completely flopped with my intention to do more yoga. I can’t remember the last time I struck any yoga pose, other than maybe a nice downward-facing dog when my legs feel tight. As for the other goals (eating better, being more honest, keeping up with my worry journal, and using defensive pessimism properly), I’ve had on-again, off-again relationships with most of them. The kind of relationship where everyone starts ignoring your relationship status changes on Facebook because they know that it’ll be different again by the end of the week.

Resolutions at the beginning of the year, with 12 months stretching out in front of you, are intimidating. You have so much time in which to really get started working towards a goal, and so much time in which to fail at meeting your goal. So I’m going to try something new.

On this day, henceforth known as August Eve, I am making August Resolutions. And I made my list with Canva, since goals seem less intimidating when they look pretty.

August Resolutions


What are your top 3 resolutions for the next month?


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