Spring Cleaning My Mind and Body

Today was BEAUTIFUL. It was 70 degrees, sunny, and I consumed both iced coffee and fro-yo like the basic Millennial I am and I won’t apologize for it. Spring is the season of rebirth and new life and all that jazz, so as the weather has been getting nicer, I’ve been feeling more ambitious. And if I’m going to act on my ambitions, my mind and body need a spring cleaning.

Measurable Goals

Wake up by 9 am every weekday. Ok, I feel really guilty about the fact that I sometimes sleep until 10 on a weekday. In my defense, I never have class before 10:30 this semester–but of course that’s all over once I graduate and enter…you know…the real world. So it’s time I started adopting better habits.

Do some form of exercise 3 times a week. I have to keep this one low-key for me to have any chance of achieving it. I could say I’d do yoga 3 days a week, but I do want to do some cardio too.

Drink more water. My goal is 54 oz/day because I have an 18 oz water bottle and I plan on doing 3 full rounds of it a day.

At least one serving of probiotics a day. I’m trying to fix my gut health while also improving my mental health and mood, and from what I’ve been reading about the gut-brain axis, probiotic foods and drinks are a great starting point. Right now my main sources of probiotics are kombucha and kefir, but I want to expand my probiotic repertoire. My boyfriend and I have some vegetables fermenting at the moment, so I’m pretty excited about those. (As you can tell, we are wild and crazy people.)

Vaguer Goals 

Reduce white flour. I make all my sandwiches on whole wheat bread and use whole wheat pasta 90% of the time. I’ve been baking more with whole wheat flour and sprouted grain flour. But this is a hard one to convert fully on because (a) I love dessert and (b) I want to be able to eat at restaurants and at other people’s houses.

Reduce refined sugars. Much like the flour one, I don’t know if I’ll ever break up with refined sugars all the way. I put maple syrup on my oatmeal and honey in my tea. When I bake, I use maple syrup or sugar, honey, or coconut sugar, but I still succumb to bakery muffins (white flour and refined sugar) and overly-sweetened lattes.

Grow my blog. Currently in the works. 😉

Get back into writing fiction. I can’t commit to working on my fiction writing every day while I’m finishing school, but I have always felt better when I am working on a fiction story.

What are your goals, both measurable and less so? What are you spring cleaning?


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