How to Ride out a Storm Worry-Free

If you live on the East Coast of the continental U.S., you’ve heard all about the impending winter storm (a.k.a. Jonas). Unless maybe you just came out of a coma or a really long nap, in which case, long story short, winter is coming for real, sometime tonight.

The amount of snowfall can’t be predicted for sure, of course, but the experts agree that it’s probably going to be a lot, especially in the D.C./Baltimore areas. And if you’re a worrier like me, living anywhere on the East Coast, you might be kind of freaked out right about now. Any sort of major weather event used to scare the shit out of me, but in recent years I’ve managed to reduce that to a mild feeling of anxiety.

Now, part of the reason that I’m barely freaking out at all about this storm is that I have nowhere to be until Monday morning. Even so, I am worrying that roads won’t be cleared by then and I’ll have to miss a class. However, that aside, I am ready to hunker down and stay warm this weekend.

So let’s try to embrace the cozier side of things and keep the worrying to a minimum!

How to Ride out a Storm Worry-Free

  1. Now, riding out a storm worry-free does not mean throwing caution and common sense to the wind. Use your defensive pessimism, but don’t go overboard! Make sure you have some non-perishable food in your house before the storm hits, but please don’t buy every loaf of bread and every box of cereal at your local grocery store–you’re not trying to wait out a decade-long war here. Also, rather than buying jugs or bottles of water, just fill several jars or other containers with some tap water in advance in case you lose water to your house or there’s a boil-water notice and you find yourself without power.
  2. Speaking of not having any power…get the candles and matches out for both ambiance and practicality. (And also a flashlight or two with fresh batteries!)
  3. If you have a fireplace, now’s the time to use it! Having a nice roaring fire to curl up by with a good book, good company, or good movie/TV show will definitely take your mind off the weather outside, no matter how frightful.
  4. If you live by yourself and don’t like the idea of being alone for the storm, invite a friend over for the weekend or go stay with someone. Having someone else around will also be nice if the power goes out and you no longer have Netflix to watch.
  5. Make some special snacks and drinks! Make some fancy hot chocolate or hot cider! If you’re of legal age, you should probably also spike it because you really should not be driving anywhere after all.

How are you planning on riding out this storm? Let me know here or on Twitter (@rsuppok)!

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