Things I Used to Believe

I promise that my next post won’t have the word “things” in the title! But today’s “things” are not tangible items, like my favorite things were–this time I’m talking about beliefs. Specifically, things that I once believed to be true but no longer do. This might be for better or worse or neither, and I am not saying that if you do or don’t believe these things then you are wrong.

I’ve just been thinking a lot about evolution of thought lately. (Meta, I know.) It might have something to do with my impending graduation, getting older, or perhaps even getting wiser, but I’ve changed my thoughts on many things in recent years.

Someone looking pensive and wearing glasses
Not me. But sometimes I look pensive too.

Here are the things that I once believed but no longer do:

  1. I would need an English or Creative Writing degree to be a writer. One of my requirements when I was searching for colleges was that the school have a creative writing minor. Of course, I was too afraid of what my family would think if I got a degree in anything so “impractical” as English or creative writing. So no creative writing minor for me. BUT going to a school with a creative writing minor option didn’t prove entirely a waste. Since my school has a creative writing program, it has a lot of creative writing courses offered. As a result, I’m currently in my 4th creative writing class here, and I’ll be graduating just 2 courses short of the minor. But writing isn’t like being a doctor; no specific degree is needed to do it. I won’t let having a Bachelor’s of Science prevent me from having a crack at being a writer.
  2. Self-care is selfish. While I no longer think this one, I still have a hard time not feeling it. There are many great things about going to college and living in dorms and apartments with friends, but an availability of alone or “me” time is not one of them. But as a hardcore introvert–the only way in which I am hardcore, btw–I have learned that finding that “me” time and taking care of myself if key to my well-being.
  3. I’m not a nice person. Honestly, I don’t think anyone called me “nice” until I got to college. I was never a Plastics-level mean girl, but combine my aforementioned introvertness with my tendency toward a permanently worried-looking face, and I don’t think I come off as warm and fuzzy. Don’t get me wrong–I’m not saying I’m the next Mother Theresa, and sometimes I really am selfish, in a non-self-care kind of way. But I’m definitely nicer than I am mean.
  4. Self-publishing is lazy and for hacks only. Ugh. It hurt me to even type that, but I really used to buy into the “traditional publishing is the only way to really be published” school of thought. Did I think that the internet was just a phase?
  5. Low-fat and sugar-free foods are good for you. Of course some of them are–broccoli is low-fat and pretty good for you. Chicken doesn’t have sugar in it. The key things about broccoli and chicken is that they are naturally fat and sugar-free, respectively. I’ve spent a lot more time thinking and reading about food and eating from a variety of perspectives, and while I’m still not sure where I stand on a lot of matters of nutrition, I can say that I am trying to cut back heavily on processed foods. The only things I will accept as sugar substitutes are other naturally sweet things, like maple syrup and honey; I will always pick real butter over the margarine that I grew up eating.
  6. That the way a girl acts/dresses/talks/drinks can mean that she’s “asking for it.” Just…no. I will blame the rape culture in which we live and my rather conservative high school and hometown for this one. I shuddered just typing this one. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

How have your beliefs, thoughts, and opinions changed over the years? Was there a specific impetus, or was it a gradual evolution?


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