Worries for 2016

New year, new worries!

And also some old worries that will continue into the new year.

Without further adieu, here are my top 10 worries for the upcoming year, in no particular order!

Top 10 Worries for 2016

  1. Life post-graduation. To live at home or not to live at home? To get my own place or to live with my boyfriend? To live with my boyfriend at his current place or insist that we get a new apartment that is ours? And those are just the “where should I live” worries. All of which are contingent on another BIG worry.
  2. Job/career. Do I want just a job after graduation or do I want to start on my career? Also, what do I want said career to be?
  3. My relationship. It’s going to hit the one-year mark in March. I’ve come to really like it, find comfort in it, and count on it. All very normal stuff but also terrifying because what if it ends???? I know that this is the problem/fear with every relationship since, well, the beginning of time, but I’m young and foolish and therefore convinced that I have the uniquest of feelings and problems.
  4. Depression. To be clear, I am not currently depressed, nor have I ever been diagnosed with depression. However, I had a bit of a depressive episode at one point in 2015, and therefore I am seriously afraid of that every happening again. Especially for a significant length of time or in a manner that interfered with work, relationships, and general life. Because word on the street is that depression tends to do that.
  5. Family members dying. One of my grandmothers is 91. As for the rest of my family….well, they drive cars and live in houses that could burn down. So. (This is a fear that I’ve had for as long as I can remember, so I assume it’s not going away anytime soon.)
  6. Making decisions. Like, ones that actually matter. Where to work, where to live, who to live with, and about a million other decisions that I’ll have to make between now and forever.
  7. Being unhappy. Different than #4. Less mental sickness, more disappointment in myself and my life. (Neither is very cheery.)
  8. Donald Trump winning the presidency. ‘Nuff said.
  9. Making friends outside of school. HOW DO I FRIEND?
  10. Terrorism, mass shootings, epidemics, climate change, and basically the whole world going to complete shit over night. Again–’nuff said.

So, on that lovely note, what are you worried about in this upcoming year? And how are you planning to cope with these worries?

I’ll be back later this week with my own answers to that second question. 🙂

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